Sunday, 10 July 2016

Because i am not perfect


I AM NOT PERFECT; i have what i hate,  no scratch hate and add " don't like" about myself and what i love. We all do? don't we? 
If you agree with me, allow me to share a piece of my mind .. you would know me better and we can be friends ❤︎ 

Let's start with what i don't like: 

1. Being shy; ahh i am working on this, but i always feel shy in a lot of social situations. Who else? 
2. Overthinking: can't stress enough how much i overthink, it can be the reason why i am depressed or sad sometimes :( 
3. Stressing out on every little thing, i love having everything perfect, my hair, my makeup and my room. Which are obviously not perfect most of the time, so i get stressed quite a lot. 

On a brighter note though; 

I do love my hair's color even though i hate styling it as it is quite annoying in this area ..
I might not be so confident with my body, but i love it the way it is 
I love that i always strive for what i want and do my best to make things happen even when i fail sometimes. 

At last, i am pretty much sure i am not perfect but i am happy to be who i am. I would like to change a few things and i am working on that :) 

What is one thing you like or hate about yourself? 
Let us have a sweet chat 

Thanks for reading; 



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1 comment:

  1. Svako od nas ima mane i vrline, tako da je normalno da postoje neke stvarčice koje ti se ne dopadaju, ali ništa nije nepopravljivo, zar ne? :)
    Najbitnije je kako se ti osećaš i kako doživljavaš sebe, jer će te na taj način i drugi doživljavati :)
    Lepo je što si nas upoznala malo više sa time kakva si osoba, a imamo i par zajedničkih osobina :)